The Birth of The Happiness Engineer

So this is a position I didn’t expect to find myself in to say the least, contemplating and actually starting a blog on Engineering one’s own Happiness. In it, I plan to give my perspective and thoughts on how to overcome depression and try to live with some kind of contentment. Christ knows there’s a need for it in the world right now?

I have to admit straight off that it sounds cheesy and presumptuous to even attempt to do something like this but I’ve written about the subjects of Depression and Suicide before and have quite a lot of experience with poor mental health in my own family and myself. The idea for a regular blog on this topic came when I wrote a blog post about my 2017 and how I came from the brink of insanity to get a bit of a handle on my life and find some new direction, motivation and contentment. I shared it on Facebook and several friends suggested I should write regular articles on the subject in an effort to help both myself and others. I dismissed the idea fairly immediately but when I thought it through a bit more….well, here I am.

The term “Happiness Engineer” comes from an actual real job title and one I actually applied for unsuccessfully in Autumn 2017. As a job title it’s a little daft but as a concept for living a good life, maybe it’s not bad!? The job involved helping people with their websites but maybe I can help them on a grander scale!

Sometimes, you may have to “engineer” your own happiness in life. It doesn’t always come automagically, no matter how much you think you might have.

Talk soon.


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